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Welcome to REAL Place Management

Each generation is merely a custodian of the space we call our town centres.

Managing town centres and public places and making best use of our towns can be daunting to the uninitiated.

A robust Place Management policy will help to support the local economy, create a place for local residents to be proud of and interact with; and making best use of these public places and open spaces are vital in keeping the fabric of our towns together. 

Traditional town and city centres are ever changing and have never been so fast to change shape and purpose as in recent years.

With the rise of out of town and internet shopping combined with the economic downturn, the demise of a vast number of our High Street names means there is now a real need to help shape the next chapter in the life of our High Street.

Whilst the Portas Pilot Bid programme has given us all a tremendous ‘can do’ approach in thinking we can change the fortunes of our high streets; the reality is that new structures such as Town Teams are usually made up of willing volunteer partners, who may lack the expertise and experience to deliver projects. 

Our High Streets face continuing life changing shifts from retail led to more emphasis on change of use including social and community led regeneration.

REAL Place Management offers expertise, impartial advice and support to business and trade associations, community groups, residents associations, town teams and town centre partnerships or any group that wish to see change in their area.

REAL Place Management acts as the vital link between initial ideas and delivery which can turn aspiration into actual projects bringing real benefit to your area.

REAL Place Management offers simple solutions and recommendations to connect commerce to community, galvanizing your business community and earning support from your residents.

REAL Place Management works with you to create, manage and deliver a range of events increasing the vitality and vibrancy of your town or public and private spaces.

REAL Place Management offers a wealth of expertise from many years’ experience and activity around town centre management; regeneration; initiatives and projects; event management and marketing and promotional strategy that can help support your objectives.

REAL Place Management can bring a fantastic opportunity through online regeneration and online presence to your town in a non-threatening way with access to the TownTalk website network which already provides online benefits to over 200 towns across the UK.